Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CMS Explorer in BackTrack 5

Just a quick note that Sunera's CMS Explorer has made its way into the BackTrack Linux version 5 (Revolution) release! So no need to download it separately, just fire it up in BackTrack when you come against one of the supported CMS systems.

You can find it on the menus (which are now aligned by the PTES and OSSTMM standards) under CMS Identification:
BackTrack -> Information Gathering -> Web Application Analysis -> CMS Identification -> cms-explorer
And note that before you use it, you may want to supply an OSVDB-API key:
If you see this message, you need to add your API key.
And just a reminder that CMS Explorer is open source Perl code, so please consider contributing to the project. Additionally, it requires the GetOpt::Long module and LibWhisker--both of which are included in the BackTrack distro.

Put your OSVDB API Key in the $osvdb_api_key variable.

Thanks to the BackTrack team for continuing to enhance the pentesting distro and adding new tools like this (and others)!


  1. I saw that in BT5. I didn't know that was from Sunera. Cool.

  2. Can this tool be considered safe to be run against production systems?

  3. @dzaku: The program does a series of GET requests against the target and looks at the responses to try and determine what is there and what isn't, and depending on options the number of requests can vary.

    If you consider that safe, the yes, it's safe.

    However, standard disclaimers apply. In general, web servers are very fickle and do weird and unexpected things--I've seen them hang with a single request (not through this program, just in general).

    If you are in doubt, best to try it against non-critical systems until you are comfortable with how it works and how it may impact your target environment.