Thursday, July 8, 2010

Free Online Cyber Security Awareness Training

As a consultant, I find it extremely difficult to meet continuing professional education (CPE) requirements by carving out time to attend instructor-lead training courses. While there are many different ways to earn CPE's, I prefer self-paced, on-line training. As luck would have it, I became aware of several *free* on-line training courses offered by the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) at They have a large selection of free courses delivered using an intuitive Adobe Flash interface.

In the area of cybercrime, a relatively new course catalog has been added that covers topics such as secure programming, information security basics, business continuity, and digital forensics, among other titles.

A few nice features of the training delivery include:

  • A pre-assessment quiz to measure your current mastery of the topic. Subsequent to the quiz, you receive your score and know where you need to focus your training efforts to fill any knowledge gaps.
  • Free-flowing modules that allow you to skip around to areas you want to tackle first.
  • Copious references for further study.
  • Useful material that is both relevant and pertinent in today's environment.
  • You receive an official PDF certificate for your records so you can submit as proof of course completion.
  • Most importantly, it's both on-line and FREE!

In addition, there are other subjects relating to domestic security and threat awareness that are both offered on-line and during scheduled, instructor-lead courses.

I hope you find it as useful as I did, and hopefully this makes it a bit easier to stay current with your CPE's.